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How to hide some notes in note directory?

You could name the notes in different rules for those to publish and the ones not, and then use "note_file_pattern" option in site_config. Only files matched the pattern will be listed and visited.

How to to rewrite URL?

For note files, please use "note_file_pattern" option in site_config. Place a capture in the regular expression, and the first capture group will be the part of the url.

For directories, please use "name" option in category_config.

How to sort notes and categories?

Notes and categories are in file system order by default. You could rename files and directories with a numeric prefix (e.g. [0], [2], ...), and hide the prefix by "note_file_pattern" option in site_config.

How to use images for notes?

Make a directory and marked with "resource.toml" file in it. And then images in that directory can be referenced by notes. See resource_config for details.

How many file formats are supported for writing notes?

Currently only markdown is supported and recommended.

Files in other formats will be displayed as-is. Thus, you could use .txt file for plain text, or write HTML contents in a .html file.

.doc/.docx are planned to be supported.

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