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How to maintain notes in file system

Just put all notes in an ordinary directory ("note_root"). Sub-directories is supported for categorizing notes. The directory tree could be like this:

+ note_root
        + sub-category

See note section for details.

How to show notes with web pages

We support HTML templates. There 3 kinds of templates:

For default config, we need a directory called "template_root", in the following structure:

+ template_root
    + index.template.html
    + category.template.html
    + content.template.html
    + 404.html (optional)
    + 500.html (optional)
    + assert (optional)
        + files in asserts

"index.template.html" is used for "note_root" directory, "category.template.html" is used for all sub-directories in "note_root", and "content.template.html" is used for note files.

See template section for details.

Is there a DEMO site?

Yes. This site itself is served by NoteIsSite.

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