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Note system

Traditional note system, like OneNote or Evernote, almost has powerful feature on note writing and note managing. However, there is not simple way to publish notes to website. OneNote, if well configured, can publish notes to blog through blog APIs. For Evernote, there is a third-party plug-in helping to sync notes to Wordpress blog. They need a explicit publishing process, or need lots of configuration. And they can only be published to blog, not normal websites, under single direction - from note system to blog.

Additionally, the data source is on the Cloud, in a unknown data format, and not so simply to export. Uncontrollable!

Blog system

Traditional blog system, like wordpress, focus on the web appearance. They are "posts", not notes.

Newborn blog system, like Huge, paid some attention to data source. But we are required to organize our notes under the rule of blog system, not as I wish. And it also need a publishing process, showing us these are notes, that is website.

What does NoteIsSite do?

NoteIsSite, as it named, is actually a web server.

We could write notes in our own folder structure, and tell the web server where our notes locates, and which notes to show public through simple configuration.

We could develop out website separately, with as few as 3 template pages. And tell NoteIsSite where our website locates

NoteIsSite will display our website, integrating notes seamlessly.

We cloud put our notes on a cloud disk like dropbox, google drive or OneNote, or put them to version control system like GitHub or GitLab, or just locally. Notes are just a folder in the file system, in well-known format such, especially, markdown, fully under our control.

The note system, is web site itself.

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